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The Best Drug Rehabs

When it comes recovering from a drug addiction, it's no secret that sobriety isn't easy to achieve. It can often be an ongoing process – and while the decision to get treatment falls to the addict themselves, it can be incredibly difficult to progress alone. With the support of medical professionals and recovered/recovering addicts, the path to a better lifestyle can be cleared from unnecessary obstacles. And that's where we come in.

As the right care is so important, we have made it our job to conduct the most in-depth research to allow us to find an effective range of rehab centres and recovery options across the entirety of the United States.

Compiling the best results

We have taken into consideration the specific services and features offered by each facility and option available; as well as patient testimonials and reviews to ensure that they provide the best care to those recovering from an assortment of addictions.
All of our findings are based upon the following key aspects:

  • The helpfulness and professionalism of staff
  • Overall customer experience (in terms of comfort and daily routines)
  • The success of treatments offered/undertaken
  • The overall condition of facilities and their accommodations

As we feel that each of these components are necessary to a facilities ability to cater to their patients and offer their full and ongoing recovery, a specialist team of researchers took the time to make inquiries regarding every one.
From sourcing the correct data and analyzing a range of reviews from across the internet, both personal and third-party websites were used to achieve a well-rounded depiction of the rehab centers and preferred treatment options in question. Once the top 100 were determined, each was then subjected to rigorous investigation to rank them at their best with real-life evidence.
The last step taken to ensure the absolute best facilities for drug addiction treatment and recovery was using social media to further cement the claims of potentially noteworthy establishments. Taking into account real-time conversations, comments, and even positive mentions; those that were spoken highly of were propelled into the top spots.   
Why not take a look at our incredibly efficient lists, and see if you or someone you love could make the most out of the best treatment options available in each state today?

7 Best Drug Rehab Centers In New York

7 Best Drug Rehab Centers in Florida

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