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Top 7 Rehabs in Florida

When you or a loved one are in need of specialist care for the effects of drug abuse, finding the right treatment for addiction recovery can be extremely important. The facilities and types of rehabilitation on offer can make all of the difference when it comes to successful readjustment, so out of the wide and varied options throughout the U.S, how can you be sure to find the most effective one? Well, we have compiled the top 7 drug rehab centers in Florida, as recommended by both patients and experts, to ensure nothing but the very best.

1. Futures of Palm Beach, Tequesta

Focusing on a more holistic approach to recovery, the Futures of Palm Beach rehab facility makes use of a range of unique treatments to cater to their patients. With a hypnotherapist and a physical therapist on hand to further reinforce their particular brand of treatment; addicts can enjoy meditation practices, tailored breathing work, sports activities, nutrition information, and a host of other activities bolster a healthy treatment plan.

Once in-patient programs are completed (usually after 30 to a 90 days) patients are welcome to make use of their highly sought after outpatient program. With special activities and group therapy sessions held several times a year for recovered addicts (known as ‘Days of Ascent’), treatment can be considered ongoing.

For more information visit www.futuresofpalmbeach.com

2. Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center: Delray Beach

One of the more luxurious rehab facilities in the Florida area, the Transformations Treatment Center aims to offer much more than standard addiction recovery care. With a range of private rooms and ensuite bathrooms, specialist supervision, a facility that feels like a resort, and a strong community vibe; individual care and support in a luxurious environment is the main focus.

For more information visit www.transformationstreatment.center

3. The Florida House Experience, Deerfield Beach

Yet another luxury rehab facility with glowing reviews, the Florida House Experience offers a range of facilities that focus on recovery in terms of personal well-being; including a swimming pool, a fitness center, and dedicated housing facilities that prioritize comfort.

With an in-patient treatment program to suit those with strong mental and emotional links to addiction, and the traumatic events that can often contribute to, or occur as a result of, substance abuse (utilizing a range of therapy sessions, recreational treatments, and medical services), patients will feel both relaxed and fully supported throughout their stay.

For more information visit fherehab.com

4. Lakeview Health: Jacksonville, FL

This award winning rehab facility is certainly one of the most accomplished on this list, with a wide range of positive testimonials and interactions across the internet. Considering that they hold a Best Practices Award from the Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association for offering an exclusive LGBT treatment program, it’s no wonder that so many individuals speak highly of their care. With one of the lowest staff-to-patient ratios throughout the U.S, treatment is often found to be dedicated and extremely personalized.

For more information visit www.lakeviewhealth.com

5. Transformations by the Gulf, St. Pete Beach

With a client to staff ratio of 3:1, and specialist care in mind; Transformations by the Gulf is a rehab center that offers gender-specific residential facilities to addicts undergoing in-patient treatment. Recovery plans are tailored to the specific events and issues that users may encounter due to their sex; although interaction is encouraged on a general basis.
A holistic approach is preferred over medical treatment, including meditation classes, nutritional advice, and fitness programs – as well as more advanced solutions such as acupuncture, tai chi, and light and sound neurotherapy.

For more information visit transformationsbythegulf.com

6. Gulf Breeze Recovery, Gulf Breeze

Offering a unique approach to rehabilitation known as the THRIVE program (for residential patients), Gulf Breeze Recovery focuses on complete health to conquer addiction. Healing the underlying issues that often lead to substance abuse, as well as relapse once care is completed, the aim is to provide patients with the skills that they need to get better – and to further excel in their recovered lives.

For more information visit www.gulfbreezerecovery.com

7. The Recovery Village: Umatilla, FL

One of the better-rounded rehab facilities in Florida, The Recovery Village plays host to some of the most experienced staff in a range of specialist care niches. With patients admitted for treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, mental health issues, and even for eating disorders; this facility focuses strongly on community values. Alongside this is an active social media presence and a one of a kind live chat option, meaning that this facility offers more than most.

Home to the biggest assortment of amenities including a swimming pool, a gym, and other recreational areas too; they also utilize a courtyard, gardens with ponds, and a range of water features to ensure that patients have a choice of outdoor places to enjoy.

For more information visit www.therecoveryvillage.com


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