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The 7 Best Rehab Centers in New York City

Receiving the best treatments for drug addictions in New York is highly important, and finding the right facilities and recovery options can often be a long and arduous process – at least it was, until we compiled the 7 best rehab centers for you to enjoy.
Each has been extensively researched using a strict list of guidelines and relevant sources, to ensure that an addicts’ every need will be catered to. Chosen with the professionalism of staff, overall customer experience, success of treatments on offer, and the overall condition of facilities and their accommodations in mind above all else; you can be sure that yourself or your loved one will be taken care of by only the very best.

1. The Recovery Center at Montefiore Nyack Hospital, Nyack

With stunning views and undeniably one of the best treatment programs for recovering addicts in the state, The Recovery Center is a relaxing retreat that is fuelled by expert care and patient success. With tailored recovery programs developed and imposed by medical professionals for a range of users’ needs – to meet both in-patient and out-patient demands – addicts of any age or creed are welcome.

For more information on this facility visit www.montefiorenyack.org

2. ACI Chemical Dependency Treatment Centers, New York City

For those who are looking for very specific, individualized care, ACI (Addiction Care Interventions), could be the ideal facility.
With gender orientated in-patient and out-patient treatments offered to a range of patients in need, an addict may have the option to enjoy a range of creative solutions to assist recovery; such as art, sports, nutrition, stress management programs, meditation, physical health sessions and drama classes, as well as access to recreational facilities to further reinforce care.

For more information on this facility visit www.acirehab.org

3. Caron New York, New York

Focusing heavily on the community, structured support, and ongoing care for those who successfully recover from drug rehab facilities, those visiting Caron New York will find a strong sense of support for their continuing battle with narcotic addiction.
Located in midtown Manhattan, this recovery resource center isn’t a traditional out-patient facility; it offers free public awareness lectures for drug recovery, workshops, and family education programs to ensure that those surrounding an addict can fully understand and embrace their ongoing recovery needs. This is as well as offering support groups and open houses for those who have successfully completed rehab.

For more information on this facility visit www.caron.org

4. Saint Jude Executive Retreat, Amsterdam

This in-patient facility focuses solely on the quality of rehab services offered to professionals. The Saint Jude Exclusive Retreat aims to educate their patients on the finer points of recovery; with special attention to aspects such as rebuilding relationships and learning valuable life skills, through a strong social community.
Following a Freedom Model that doesn’t rely on the traditional 12-step program offered by many facilities, patients will learn how to change their habits and trade them for more rewarding ones, while developing better thought patterns and processes that will go toward ensuring long-term results; discouraging relapse.

For more information on this facility visit www.caron.org

5. New Hope Manor, Barryville

Established to cater to the gender-specific needs of women; including those who are pregnant and need specialist care, or have children and are in need of treatment that can assist with the concern of dependents, New Hope Manor focuses primarily on counseling to help patients to reevaluate their lifestyles and transform their current states of being.
Along with detox programs for those in need, important aspects of recovery such as job training, positive nutrition, exercise, and group therapy are all utilized to their fullest potential, to ensure that life in the real world can be successfully navigated once treatment is complete.

For more information on this facility visit newhopemanor.org

6. Long Island Center for Recovery, Hampton Bays

When considering drug treatments, many users hope to find a facility that can offer a less clinical feel. Found in Hampton Bays, the Long Island Center for Recovery aims to provide an idyllic retreat that feels like a home away from home.
With 40 bedrooms on the complex, staff and medical professionals are on hand to provide 24-hour, seven day care (and admissions services). Where many facilities are strictly against home phone calls, they operate a free 24 hour phone line. Offering both inpatient and outpatient treatment options and a range of treatments focusing on aspects such as nutritional counseling and relapse prevention, every addict is sure to successfully complete their course or stay. 

For more information on this facility visit www.longislandcenterrecovery.com

7. Arms Acres, Carmel

Conveniently situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Arms Acres is a 170-bed rehab facility set within 54-acres of stunning countryside. Offering in-patient care to those gripped by addiction (whether it be to drugs or alcohol), this facility provides a quiet, healthy atmosphere for users to concentrate on their recovery.

For more information on this facility visit www.armsacres.com



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